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1967-81 Camaro Glove Box Bumpers 1967-69 Camaro Fender Bolt Kit 22-Pc Kit 1967 Camaro Standard Arm Rest Bases Chrome
Eliminate the rattling and looseness of the glove box door by simply replacing worn out or missing rubber stoppers with these high quality reproductions. They install easily, are inexpensive and do wonders for the fit and finish of your dash. Includes 2 bumpers.

1967-81 Camaro models
Correct reproduction fender bolts for all 1967-69 Camaro models. Correct black oxide bolts and nuts. Includes all the fasteners, washers, shims and nuts. Reproduction front arm rest base set for 1967 Camaro models. Manufactured with correct original type chrome bake for a high gloss mirror finish.
1967-81 Camaro Door Lock Rod Clip 1968-69 Camaro Standard Arm Rest Bases & Vinyl Wrapped Pad Kit
Replacement headlight ajustment kit for all 1970-73 Camaro models. This 10-piece set includes adjusters and springs for both right and left sides. Door lock rod clip that attaches the door handle rod to the latch. Fits most GM vehicles 1967 to 1981. Replace your missing, cracked or broken arm rest pads and bases with these new reproduction arm rest and base kits for 1968-69 Camaro models. Each kit includes (2) vinyl wrapped black arm rest pads, (2) chrome arm rest bases and (6) screws.
1967-81 Camaro License Plate Hardware 1969 Camaro Glove Box Lock Round Head Key Later Style 1968 Camaro Glove Box Lock Pear Head Key OE Style
Original type replacement nylon nuts and screws for use on the front and rear license plate brackets. These nuts push into the bracket and allow the screws to be inserted into the nut. Exact fit reproduction of the 1969 Camaro Glove box lock with round head later style keys. Comes with (2) keys.
Exact fit reproduction of the 1968 Camaro Glove box lock with pear head OE style keys. Comes with (2) keys.
1968-69 Camaro Door Panel Retainer - Rear 1967-68 "RS" Park Lamp, 69 Back-up Lens Screws
Excellent reproduction of the 1968-69 Camaro door panel retainer. This inner door panel retainer/window guide is used to support the inner door panels and comes complete with the felt pad used to guide the window when rolling up or down. The retainer/window guide includes the correct felt padding designed to keep the window from being scratched. Each vehicle requires one front and one rear retainer/window guide per door. This is the rear guide. Fits front door only, two front and two rear are required per car. Reproduction of the original deck spoiler for all 1967-68 Camaro models. Each spoiler includes correct mounting studs molded into the bottom of the spoiler for mounting the spoiler to the trunk lid. Spoiler is manufactured in fiberglass and comes ready to be prpped, primed and painted. Mounting hardware is included. High quality chrome. Accurate park lamp reproduction shouldered lens screws for 1967-68 Camaro Rally Sport: Correct replacement screws needed to install the park lamp lens. This kit includes the essential screws for a complete installation. Also used for 69 Camaro back-up lenses. Includes a set of 4 screws.
1967-69 Camaro Rear Shock Reinforcement Plate 1969 Camaro Firewall Steering Column Seal
Reproductions of the original rear shock mount reinforcement plates for all 1967-69 Camaro models. This EDP coated, die stamped, heavy steel plate mounts to the trunk floor and has two threaded holes. Replace your firewall steering column seal with this quality reproduction. Fits all 1969 Camaro models. Installing a grille on a1970-73 Camaro Standard is easy when you have the correct hardware. Kit includes 12-pieces, 6-screws and 6-nylon nuts.