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1970-81 Camaro Firebird Rear Center Hood Adjustment 1967-81 License Plate Hardware
Our Price: $14.95
Our Price: $1.95
1970-81Camaro Rear Center Hood Adjustment 1967-81 Camaro License Plate Hardware
Correct reproduction rear center hood adjustment kit. Used on all equipped with hidden wipers.. Adjuster kit keeps proper clearance for wipers to retract below hood.

1970-81 Camaro
1970-81 Firebird
Original type replacement nylon nuts and screws for use on the front and rear license plate brackets. These nuts push into the bracket and allow the screws to be inserted into the nut.
1968-69 Camaro Firebird Door Hardware Mounting Kit 1970-74 Camaro Firebird Park Brake Kit
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $124.95
1968-69 Camaro Door Hardware Mounting Kit 1970-74 Camaro Park Brake Kit
Correct hardware for mounting: door opening mechanism, door latch, window tracks, upper glass sash, inner sash, window stops, door plug, and door opening rod guide bracket. One kit required per door. Fits either LH or RH. 27 piece kit.
1968-69 Camaro
1968-69 Firebird
Best quality reproduction park brake kit in O.E. mild steel. Complete kit with all hardware.

1970-74 Camaro
1970-74 Firebird
1978-81 Camaro Firebird T-Top Repair Clips 1967-81 Camaro Hood Safety Catch - "Chrome"
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $32.95
1978-81 Camaro T-Top Repair Clips 1967-81 Camaro Hood Safety Catch - "Chrome"
These aftermarket clips were designed to make loose T-Top windows on 2nd generation Camaro models fit like new. A common problem with older T-Top windows is that the slot in the window frame tears and the window no longer fits snug to the roof. This causes wind, noise and water leakage. This set of 4 aluminum clips snap on easily to hold the window securely to the roof. Reproduction hood safety catch made to factory specifications for correct fit and appearance. Attaches to the under side of the hood. Color: Chrome

1967-81 Camaro

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